Geocoding and Mapping now built into BluWave CRM

BluWave CRM automatically geocodes (adds latitude and longitude) to each customer as the physical address is entered. This will allow you to draw up a report of that reflects the location of all completed face to face actives. Sales reps can also draw travel claim reports making it easier for them to claim back travel expenses at the end of the month.
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BluWave announces BluWave BI

BluWave software is proud to announce the release of BluWave BI (Business Intelligence). Which converts data into intelligence that results in better management decisions.
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Document Management in BluWaveCRM

Use the Document Management function in BluWave CRM to store all your marketing documentation that your sales team will use to send to customers such as brochures, specifications and pictures
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Send Emails From BluWaveCRM

You can use the BluWave CRM to send emails to your customers, prospects and even internal colleagues.
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BluWave CRM Press Release

BluWave CRM announces the most powerful cloud based Customer Relationship Management Solution. It is hosted in the cloud, amazingly fast, easy to use, full of features, platform independent and yes, it will boost your sales!!!
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