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Did you know? It costs businesses six times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. 

After-sales service is pivotal to customer satisfaction and customer retention. BluWave Service - a companion product to BluWave CRM - is the simple and effective solution for managing all your after-sales processes.

Strengthen the bonds you have with your existing customers and ensure continuous company growth with this powerfully efficient software.

BluWave Service features enable you to:
  • Enjoy Automatic Logging of service requests from a customer email.
  • Easily design your own "process" for each type of service request; from telephonic support to onsite repairs, services and installations.
  • Manage customer equipment with warranty and service contract expiry  dates and proactive service cycles.
  • Keep your team members and customers informed of the job progress, status and required actions with built in workflows using email.
  • Control time frames for each step in the job process using escalation features.
  • Generate Service Quotes with a management approval process (through BluWave CRM).
  • Prioritise more  critical  service  requests using Urgency Levels.
  • Allocate work across your team comfortably using Visual Technician Scheduler's simple drag and drop technology.
  • Integrate with your Technicians'Outlook (or other) calendars.
  • Record  parts and labour costs per job and manage quoted vs actual costs.
  • Ensure  that all  work is  billed appropriately.
  • Receive prompts for due dates for servicing customer equipment.
  • Track the efficiency and effectiveness of your service team with  reports and statistical graphs of product  performance statistics, customer response rates, MTBF's (Mean Time Between Failures) for customer equipment, and fault code analysis by equipment type.
  • Interpret analysis of customers, customer specific machines, technicians and product categories. (Detailed fault codes can even be tracked to analyse repairs by actual machine type!)
  • Let service managers monitor volumes of work by urgency and job type with the Graphical Dashboard.
  • Track Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF's) per customer machine.

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