9 Benefits of Sales Promotions

Promotions, when done, well are an effective way to market your business, as well as your product offerings. This is not the type of promotion, where you drop your prices or create a massive sale to get rid of old inventory. No, this is a well-planned, strategic solution that is aimed at gaining customer interest and attracting first-time prospects. 
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Practical Steps that Help Marketers Use Data

Everyone knows that if you want to be on top of your game in marketing you need to use data. In this day an age, everything is data-driven and is being used by big brands as well as organizations to spot the latest trends. 
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First Impressions Matter

If you want your business venture to succeed, it is essential that you take the time to get it right, the first time around, after all a bad impression can seldom be fixed.  Remember that it is not just money that your business runs on, but personal communication too, so it vital that those who have cause to connect with you receive the best impression from the get-go.
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A New Mindset For A New Landscape

The world that we live in is constantly changing. More specifically, the business world is changing at a rapid rate, this means that businesses and business owners need to adapt to the changes and opportunities that are presented to them in order to thrive.
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The Importance of Market Research

It has been established that most company or product failures come from the fact that little to no market research has been done. The failure to prepare is preparing to fail. So why do so many businesses get this crucial step so wrong? Maybe it’s because many organizations do not fully understand the importance and benefits of marketing research.
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5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Sales Prospecting Results

Prospecting can be difficult. There is no doubt. According to one study, it revealed that nearly 40% of salespeople agreed that prospecting is one of the most challenging parts of the entire sales process. Read 5 ways you can achieve greater prospecting success.
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Outsourcing Is Not Just For Big Businesses

“Outsourcing” is the word on everyone’s lips that are involved with big businesses, from corporate giants to that of global insurance companies. A reason for this could come down to the fact that many small business owners are making the assumption that outsourcing is not something they necessarily need to be thinking about. However, this is should not be the case....
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3 Tips for Bridging the Gap between Sales and Marketing

When your sales and marketing departments don’t align, it is inevitable that problems within your business will develop. Inadequate cross-departmental communication leads to poor strategy and execution. 
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How Automating Your Emails Can Save Your Business Valuable Time

No matter your industry, email communication is probably a core factor when it comes to communicating with current and future customers. Even with the rise of new alternatives, email has proven to be the most popular form of digital communication around the globe. 
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Three Ways Marketers Can Communicate More Effectively

Marketers today have never been more accountable when it comes to receiving insight focus and knowing exactly what consumers need. There is no excuse now, for your money to be wasted on ineffective advertising. 
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