Advocate Marketing - Why You Should Be Using It

New trends and movements are constantly challenging the world of marketing. Customers are constantly bombarded by endless options and thousands of advertisements a day. You would think with the more options available to you the better opportunity you have to explore the best options out there? 

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Altogether Now

Everyone wants to feel included, especially in the workplace. Some people have more power than others, but as individuals, it is important to take notable actions towards creating a better, inclusive and inviting culture within the workplace. 
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Cold Emails: How Not to Write Them.

We all hate them and they probably all land up in our Junk box anyway. But as a marketer this can be a crucial way of engaging with your customers. The opening of marketing-related emails is plummeting to less than 10% on average, even when the message is highly targeted, the result of a bombardment of irrelevant emails over the years. But how can we fix this? 
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Green Is Not Just a Colour

Sustainable development was first put forward by the United Nation’s World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987, as an effort to guide the development for the global environment. Since the idea of sustainability has diverged into political realms and has further become a hot topic within the business practice. But why is sustainability so important for businesses? 
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Support-Driven Growth

Many companies believe in the theory that customer service is the heart of the business. Using support-driven growth, this theory becomes true. To many, the idea of “support-driven growth” may just seem like another name for that of customer success, or even that of filtering prospects to the sales team, however, it is much more than that. 
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The Biology of Buying

Despite millions of years of evolution and development, humans still rely heavily on emotions when it comes to making decisions. As marketers, you need to be aware of connecting emotionally with customers and find out what really makes them attached to your brand or product.
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The Data Quality Crisis

There is an overwhelming amount of data available to us, through every type of industry and through everyday interactions. But with such abundance, comes the issue of quality control. Companies rely heavily on data to drive strategy, but this intelligence is operated on inaccurate and stale data, which could be devastating to the company if the data is misrepresented...
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Tips To Convert Web Traffic into Leads

Once a visitor lands on your page, you have about 10 seconds to get their attention before they get distracted, or just decide to leave your site. This means that it is imperative that you make your first impressions count! When someone visits your website for the first time, they need to immediately understand what you do and how you can help them.
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9 Benefits of Sales Promotions

Promotions, when done, well are an effective way to market your business, as well as your product offerings. This is not the type of promotion, where you drop your prices or create a massive sale to get rid of old inventory. No, this is a well-planned, strategic solution that is aimed at gaining customer interest and attracting first-time prospects. 
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Practical Steps that Help Marketers Use Data

Everyone knows that if you want to be on top of your game in marketing you need to use data. In this day an age, everything is data-driven and is being used by big brands as well as organizations to spot the latest trends. 
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