Mobile Job Cards on the Go!

The BluWave Service system administrator can send electronic job cards to the technician’s mobile device. The technicians then can update the job card even if there is no cellular connection available (Offline). The customer and the technicians can both sign the job card on the mobile device (cell phone or tablet)

The completed job cards will automatically synch back to your system once there is a signal available. Copies of the job card document are automatically emailed to the system administrator and optionally the customer.

With our offline job cards you can record labour, materials, expenses and even capture signatures and photographs.

Technicians pay a fee of R290 ex VAT per month and this allows him to install the mobile job card app on up to 3 devices. The system administrator will require the BluWave Service/CRM license at R410 ex VAT per month.

Benefits of Electronic Job Cards:
  • Save money, no need to print job card books.
  • Increase efficiency, teams have all the information about the job on their mobile device, no time consuming calls to the office.
  • Improve customer service – teams are notified and job cards dispatched immediately upon creation a job. Your customers can also be notified of job statuses and expected arrival date.
  • No more missing signed job cards.
  • Instant updates as the work is completed.
  • Customers are automatically sent a copy of the electronic job card.
  • No more missed invoices.
Custom Electronic Forms and Checklists

Easy to digitise your own electronic forms for the BluWave Service Mobile App. Most business have specific protocols to be followed. For example checklists for servicing or safety compliance, recording of key meter readings or measurements or generating certificates. We can add or the customer can design digital forms to be added to the mobile app as well as design the layout of the output forms or certificates to be sent from the device. These forms can include tick boxes, text, selection boxes, photos, scan QR or bar codes, GIS locations etc.

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