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Use the new Mail List Management feature of BluWave CRM to generate targeted messages to your market place.
You can generate a list of contacts for email or SMS merge purposes using any search criteria of data filer. Views have been provided across all your BluWave data, so you can filter on Company data by Source, Industry, Area, Client Type; on Contact data such as Designation or Category; on Activity listing e.g. all customers who attended a demo, on Sales History, e.g. clients who purchase product ABC but do not purchase Product DEF; on clients who spend more than R50,000, etc.
The List Management function has some easy to use filtering options that are very flexibel. You can select on multiple columns, you can do string searches, date and value ranges and also multiple selection searches.
The new Mail List function can only be accessed by users with specially assigned rights as it allows users to export contact data.
BluWave CRM does not perform email and SMS merges directly but it exports the list for use with web-based mailing programs such as TouchBase Pro. We recommend this local product for SMS and email merges. Once you open a TouchBase Pro account, all your lists are uploaded and sent through that account and you can auto add Unsubscribe buttons to your messages and track all unsubscribes to keep your marketing compliant with the Consumer Protection Act.
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