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1. New Multiple Offer Function in Quotes   
BluWave CRM now allows you to have multiple offers on the same quote. This can either be an additional offer or an alternate offer to the quote. This would be beneficial when you are quoting a client on a specific set of products, but also want to quote them an alternate set of products or an additional set of products all together. The system will also allow you to either exclude/ include the offer value in the potential value of the entire quote   

2.Price List Management   
BluWave CRM now allows you to attach brochures, Specifications or pictures to a product and to include the attachment in the emailed Quote    

3. Saving Emailed Quote in the Activity History of the Client and Storing the Quote in Document Management   
BluWave CRM now saves the all emailed quotes sent from the system under the completed activity panel of the respective client as below. This acts as a record off all emailed quotes to the client   

4. Quote Revision Numbers   
When you edit and re-email a quotation, the system allows you to automatically adjust the quote number by incrementing a "Revision Suffix". For example if the first quote number was 1015, the incremented revised number will be 1015-1, a second revised number would become 1015-2 etc.     

5. Updating Opportunity Status From Quote Follow Up Activity.   
BluWave CRM now automatically creates a quote follow up activity for every quote created from the system. Users can now update the status of the opportunity as they complete this quote follow up activity as shown below. The quote number is inserted into the activity.    

6..Automatically BCCing Self of Manager or Any Other Elected Persons With Emailed Quotes   
BluWave CRM now allows you to elect people to be automatically BCCd on all emailed quotes. This person/s email address needs to be entered under the quote setup screen. For example, a sales person can enter their managers email address here to ensure that the manager also receives all email quotes.    

7. New Sales Targets (Monthly Unit Sales Target and Quotes To Issue target)   
Sales managers can now set monthly unit sales targets and quote to issue per month target for sales reps.These targets need to be entered to generate push graph reports   

8. Completed Activities Graph on Dashboard   
The BluWave dashboard now has a new graph that shows completed activities for the entire month. Different colour codes have been used to differentiate the activities completed on the graph.    

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