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BLUWAVE CLOUD CRM AIMED AT MOBILE SALES FORCE AND MANAGEMENT Newly released BluWave Cloud CRM designed for almost all operating systems and most tablet devices - increases client sales by 35% on average. Sales costs reduced by 25% on average.,per Harvard Business Review

Co-founder and deputy CEO of BluWave Software Denzil Govender announced today the official release of BluWave Cloud CRM system. The application resides on the Internet. 
Govender explains the benefits of cloud computing as follows:

        •The application is is highly secure
        •Backups are made twice a day and offsite backups nigh tly
        •Zero upfront capital costs
        •No investment in and upkeep of enterprise servers.
        •No investment in system software, and upkeep thereof
        •Device agnostic - practically any device, eg. Apple iPod, all windows users, Apple Mac users, Linux and ......
        •All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser eg Internet explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox,          etc.
        •There is a complete learning centre on the BluWave website

The CRM application is very easy to use - " you can navigate your way around without reference to any manual. It is really simple and easy to use without sacrificing any features you would find in other CRM systems" says Govender. Denzil Govender a graduate of University of Kwa-Zulu Natal is not your typical Internet startup geek. With a passion for fast cars, he is also goal directed and unassuming.

The BluWave Customer RelationShip system retails at only R200 per user per month. Full telephonic support is included in the price. "The systems pays for itself in weeks. Financial Directors love it - huge ROI increases make investing in BluWave CRM a no brainer" states Govender. Contact Byron on 011 462-6861, or email
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