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BluWave CRM Software involves using software to radically streamline all phases of the sales process, minimizing the time that sales staff require to spend on each phase. You can greatly increase the productivity of sales reps - and even do more with less sales staff using the BluWave sales software. The sales software uses a pipeline to track at what stage the opportunity is in the sales process. This is useful to forecast incoming sales revenue.

The BluWave CRM Software system revolves around a contact management component linked with a diary for scheduling appointments and things to do. BluWave CRM Software has the most compressive suite of CRM Software features for the price you pay.

BluWave CRM Software allows via the cloud for companies to create and track specific web activities that help develop the Customer relationship. These activities include such activities as tracking email conversations by customer, do web based email marketing promotions and automatic import of CRM Software leads from the Internet straight into the Application.

The results of applying CRM Software Tools are increased sales and reduced costs. A Harvard Business Review article cited increases in sales of typically 35% and cost reductions of 25% - adding a hefty profit to the bottom line. Customer Loyalty becomes entrenched resulting in a reduced cost of sales.

Performance Dashboard

Your Performance Dashboard represents your sales environment visually, with easy to read charts and tables. Recent opportunities, activities, contacts and companies are all displayed. A graphical "funnel" represents your sales pipeline. New leads flowing into the system are also visible.

Activity and Diary Management

BluWave CRM integrates with Outlook and most web-based email and calendaring software (e.g. Gmail). When an appointment is created in BluWave CRM, a corresponding appointment is created in your default emailing program and a meeting request is generated and sent to the invitee. All this is achieved in one simple, efficient process.

Opportunity Tracking

Use the Opportunity Tracking functions to manage new business acquisitions. Track the progress of your sales by defining your own sales process. Enjoy the convenience of new business forecasts, generated by the system based on expected order dates and sales probability percentages.

Quotes Automation

Generate customer quotations using this function. Quotes Animation is a powerful productivity booster for sales people. 3 processes are initiated with JUST ONE INPUT:

  • Creates the quotation document – this can be emailed or printed for the customer
  • Automatically posts an opportunity into your Opportunity Pipeline, as you prepare it
  • Generates a quote follow-up activity for the sales person in the Activity Management Function

Customer and Contact Management

This efficient database stores and manages all your customers and prospects. Customer and Contact Management will enable you to:

  • Organise your companies by type, industry, area and group.
  • Customise the system for your business with User Defined Fields.
  • Store any number of contact people per customer. Allocate your customers to your branches, as well as specific sales staff within your branches.

Leads Management

This database stores all NEW enquiries. They can be imported from lists or directly from your website. Once actioned and qualified they can be transferred easily to the company's database for further processing.

Automatic Push Reports

Automatic Push Reports are dynamic and proactive. Configure the system to send you regular sales progress stats. Users can see their own stats and management are able to receive performance stats on their whole team.

Document Management

Document Management stores all the marketing documentation that your sales team requires; brochures, specifications, pictures, etc. Upload your marketing material onto the BluWave CRM server for your sales team to forward to customers using the Email function of BluWave CRM, or by attaching them to quotations prepared in BluWave CRM.

The BluWave CRM system is great. We are driven by our investors to report on our pipeline and forecasts monthly. I will be motivating my sales team will make use of both the recurring contact cycles as well as the quotes features of BluWave fully. That is the only way we can achieve this effectively. Our users make use of their Galaxy tablets so they can use BluWave in the field.
Grove Dicks
Area Sales Manager, Rothenberger Tools South Africa

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