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Imagine a world where you can access your data anywhere, anytime and from any device. Well that is now a reality with BluWaveCRM. This concept will revolutionise how we work. No more sleepless nights stressing about hard drive failure and losing data, because BluWaveCRM data is in the cloud, you can access your information from any computer. All you need is a device that has an internet connection and you on your way. With BluWaveCRM there are no upfront capital costs and no 2 year implementation plan. You are up and running in minutes. No more long, tedious and complicated user installations or running updates every time a new version is released. BluWaveCRM is a hosted solution and one of the many incentives of this architecture is that there are no installations required as the program resides in the cloud. All you need is an internet connection and you can access your data from any computer or tablet. Every new feature released by BluWave will be visible to the user the next time they log in.With BluwaveCRM you get peace of mind that your sales force always has access to their client information. We take away those IT hassles, all those day to day IT tasks and projects you really don't want to focus on. Let us take care of the infrastructure, upgrading, backing up data, server maintenance and every day software support so you have more time concentrating on your businessSo what are you waiting for? Get a free 30 day trial and change the way you handle your customer information....and watch sales blossom!!
BluWave Software

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