CRM software perfomance
Increased productivity is just the start when measuring benefits of a CRM system. There are benefits for sales management from a cen-
tralised, national opportunity and

customer database. Your market- ing team benefits both from mar-
ket feedback as well as an up to date private market place of cli- ents and prospects. Strategically management reap the benefits of accurate market information, har- nessing your "IP" from personnel
who leave your organisation. Most importantly however are the ben-
efits your customers experience from your application of a CRM
tool - making it easier for custom-
ers and prospects to do business with you.

On the flip-side

If the System is Slow, it can be expensive
Think about it. If you've got a team of 50 people and they lose 5 minutes
each day due to an inefficient system that equates to 250 minutes a day 250 minutes a week and over 60,000 minutes (1,000 hours a year).
Break that down to a rate of R600 per hour and a slow system can end up
costing you R600,000 per year'
And that's a big problem, because many of the CRM Systems sold in South
Africa have their data servers based overseas, which poses a number of problems including slow support (even if they are good, you need to take
time zones into account) and access to your information taking much long- er.
BluWave Software has their data centre situated locally in South Africa,
making internet access instantaneous and ensuring the productivity of
your sales force while also being there for easy access when you need
While that's an essential benefit every South African company needs to
consider, it's only one of the reason companies like Mercedes, Mitsubushi,
Altech, Fuchs and ABB swear by our "no compromising on quality" CRM Solution.

BluWave Software

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