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Activity and Diary Management
BluWave CRM integrates to Outlook and the web-based Gmail calendaring software, so when an appointment is created in BluWave, a related appointment is scheduled in your default calendar. In addition, a meeting request is generated and will be sent to the invitee at the customer All this is achieved in one process, thus saving time.
External sales reps access CRM in the field
BluWave uploads sales history daily per customer and by product sold, with the data presented in monthly totals in volumes and rands. Sales reps can then use this information to see if a customer has placed his monthly order or to support up-selling and cross-selling. One can also check sales trends against the previous year's sales or alongside a customer budget.
Issue quotations on the road
BluWave supports quoting directly from a table device, enabling the sales person to issue quotes on the move. Bradley Venske, sales consultant at Mercedes Benz Commercial Vehicles, East Rand, found this feature helpful. "My customers are located outside the main city centres and BluWave allows me to generate a quote while at the client," Venske says. The integrated quoting achieves three processes from the quotation input. As the system generates a PDF quote document, it also automatically updates the sales person's management pipeline of opportunities. Lastly, it schedules a follow-up activity in the sales person's diary.
Manage from anywhere
If as a manager you find yourself out of the office much of the time, or if your sales team is distributed around the country, you can still keep your finger on the pulse. Managers can access up to date sales staff productivity statistics, view the status of deals in progress and access management reporting. In addition the system pushes management graphs to you each week via email.
BluWave Software

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