CRM software perfomance
We started project Tsunami 18 months ago. We wrote BluWave CRM ( the official product name) from the ground up.

We dropped Visual basic And Microsoft Access as our main development tools and chose new tools more suited to the web environment. Those tools are C#, Ajax, and Visual Studio 2008. BluWave CRM is currently in Alpha deployment. What this means:
  • We are 95 % complete
  • The system is available to our testers for rigorous bug testing
  • Some select customers may be given limited access to this Alpha system
  • We will stress test the system with many users and huge databases
  • We will test for different browsers. Eg. Internet Explorer, Safari ( Apple Mac, iPad and iPhone devices), Google Chrome and several others.
  • We will monitor band width statistics
  • And above all we will deliver an awesome customer experience
We have had numerous one on one demonstrations with customers and have taken 15 orders as a result. Almost a 100% take-up.

BluWave Software

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