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                                                                                                     Workflow Automation
Businesses cannot achieve ROI from CRM by renting a CRM system and feeding in data. Process automation is one method of reaping rewards from CRM.

                                                                           The following benefits accrue from process automation:

  • Consistent performance from the sales team.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Repeatable successes.
  • Improved responsiveness to customers to enhance customer satisfaction levels.

Often the sales and marketing processes of a business are the least documented and structured areas of the business. Customers who focus on the processes will find areas that can be automated. This frees up sales staff to concentrate on the “Art” of selling that is not yet easy to automate, spending time developing deal propositions, discussing customer requirements and negotiating and closing sales.

                                                         The following are the types of processes that can be automated in BluWave CRM:
  •  Automation of tedious manual processes e.g. feeding of web enquiries directly into your CRM database. Built into BluWave CRM is a free automated  web service which allows all customers to push their web site enquiries directly into the BluWave CRM database.
  • Business process to assign resources based on an event e.g. automate the allocation of leads from a website based on a product or region selection. For example, you can use the new workflow function to trigger an email and a task for the sales person to whom you have routed the lead.
  • Triggering of client facing events e.g. personalised responses to a sales enquiry.  For example, an automated campaign that sends a weekly            personalised email directly to the potential customer “from the sales person” to deliver a message about a function and the benefits thereof.
  • Automated prompts on customer anniversary dates e.g. contract renewals or customer equipment service prompts.
  • Prompts to the sales team to monitor critical processes, for example, with the new workflow process in BluWave you can trigger an internal email to  senior manager when a new high value opportunity is raised in the system.

                                                                                         Workflow Designed for Ease of Use by Users

In all our development efforts we strive to develop practical solutions that an SME can easily apply without having to bring in experts. The design of the new function is wizard driven with 4 easy steps to follow to add an automated process to BluWave CRM.

                                                                                                        Workflow & Productivity

The objective of a CRM system is to more effectively attract and win new customers, identify opportunities and reduce costs. But one of the most important by product of using a CRM is the increase in productivity. This increase can be attributed to the use of workflows in CRM software.

Let's take the following business process as an example: When a customer is added to the CRM database the following steps need to be done.
  • Send an email to the accounts department.
  • Email welcome letter to customer. 
  • Alert the sales rep to follow up with client in 3 days.
  • Email a marketing brochure to the customer once a week for the next four weeks.

Usually the person who is adding the customer into the database will have to do all of the above. Sometimes these tasks are done by more than one person and is usually very time consuming. With the use of workflows all of the above can be automated with one single input. Once the customer is entered into the CRM database the workflow is triggered and all subsequent steps are automated.
A process that would normally take you 15 minutes to complete is now done instantaneously. If you capture 15 companies a day that's 2.5 hours a day. 12.5 hours a week. The time that you save using workflows is very significant.

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