CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceCRM software is synonymous with reams and reams of data, which often makes it difficult for managers to know how their sales force is performing at any one point in time. This is where dashboards come in: using graphs and charts, they give you a view of business performance in a single glance to highlight trends and outliers.

This is why dashboards are useful in a CRM context:
  1. They save time. Instead of wading through pages of data, you can see results instantly. The benefit of seeing results in real time is that managers can address any issues as they occur, rather than waiting for monthly reports and tackling problems much further along the path.
  2. They keep track of your contacts. The Bluwave CRM software dashboard allows you to keep a record of any prospects you’ve dealt with recently in your sales pipeline, along with their company details. This means that all the information you need to follow up is right at your fingertips.
  3. They help you visualise trends. Most people find images easier to understand than reams of figures. Graphs and charts are simpler to digest and make it easier to compare actual sales against targets, the performance of one client versus another and how various sales individuals are performing in a wider company context.  The Bluwave “Graphical Funnel” represents the sales pipeline, including new leads flowing into it. It also displays in graphical format a measurement of sales reps’ actual versus target sales, and the source of all leads.
  4. It enables better communication. Because managers can instantly see what their sales team is up to, there is less manual communication required such as telephone calls and emails. This not only frees up employees’ time, but it also ensures that everyone is aware what the other is working on so that no misunderstandings occur. Managers can use the CRM software dashboard to see when their sales team have followed up on prospects, issued quotes or whether they’ve closed the deal

Bluwave CRM now has dashboards built into the system, without the extra cost of buying a third party product. If you’d like to find out more about how we could help your business run more efficiently, get in touch with us.
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