CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceA CRM system is a very useful tool for companies to increase sales, increase customer retention and reduce admin work. However, many CRM implementations fail which costs companies a lot of money. This negatively impacts future revenue due to missed sales and opportunities.


                                                                                                          So, why do CRM systems fail?

1) Communication.

CRM systems come with many benefits and when you are implementing a CRM system you should inform your sales team of these benefits otherwise your sales team could think that CRM tools are just a way for their managers to track their activity and measure their success.

Here are some benefits of a CRM system:

·  Increase sales by 30%. (HBR study)
·  Increase customer retention.
·  Reduce admin work which gives you more time to interact with customers.
·  Reduce selling cost by 25%
·  And many more….

If your sales team can see how a CRM will be beneficial to them they would be more likely to use it.

2) Lack of company-wide use.

To successfully implement a CRM system, managers must make the system an important part of everyday communication with their sales team. This will help your sales team begin to understand that it’s not just a tracking tool but an essential part of the sales process. It is important that your sales manager review data and then highlight and praise the sales representatives. To encourage company-wide use, stress that the CRM system will be helpful to the sales reps, repeat the various benefits of using a CRM system. 

3) Lack of user training

Many CRM users don't get training because their companies either rush through the implementation process and neglect training or simply don't want to pay for the training. However, thorough and adequate training is imperative to ongoing CRM success - with CRM success you will achieve the full benefits of a CRM system.

Also, consider taking advantage of BluWave Software learning centre where we have helpful guides or attended one of our refresher courses (please note the refresher course does not replace the full training course - Only users who have attended the full training course may attended the refresher courses). If you have any questions regarding the refresher courses, contact Nkuli on (011) 462 6871

Every employee may have varying levels of tech-savviness and data-entry skill, requiring various degrees of support to get fully up to speed - so be patient with them. 

If you would like to find out more about our full training course contact Tarryn or Elizna on (011) 462 6871 or email 
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