CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceBy Lauren Fenthum

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Customer experience is now the difference between the success or failure of the brand. With the customer journey essentially highlighting relevancy. Thus, customer experience management has made itself the forefront of businesses today. Customer experience management is the art of personalizing every single moment throughout the customer journey. It is important to not overuse catchphrases as well, such as the "digital transformation" which can feel like a watered-down initiative for anything forward thinking. It is important that companies don’t just determine the path towards a more digital brand presence but rather find ways of incorporating it into their image.

Businesses need to look at what tools will help them create a customer experience and how to make each and every interaction as human as possible. Industries are often too focused on being ahead, and not paying enough attention to small details that can draw their consumers in closer. Businesses should be creating a basic framework for their customer experience. This should be made up of equal parts of predictive analytics and that of customer feedback. It goes without saying that this type of analysis is not possible without the use of modern technology. So, what goes into creating a customer experience?

1. Delivery and Cross-Channel Experience - Where consumers expect to get your brand's information is always changing. Given that you can still make educated guesses based on demographics etc. but through the use of technology, it is accurate to assume that potential consumers will come across your brand on a multitude of channels. On one hand, it’s great to have such a magnitude available for reaching different people, especially for segmenting your target audience, but on the other, it is more difficult to create a consistent message across multiple touch points and thus could lead to a miscommunication between you and your consumers.

2. Real-Time Customer Data - Data drive experience. Companies need to understand that without good quality data it becomes impossible to personalize and adapt to your customer’s needs. This is where a strong correlation between your customer relationship management and customer experience management strategies should go hand in hand as a key way to identify and target consumers. Decisions need to made quickly and concisely, in order to ensure the best possible customer experience. Companies need to find a way to automate in order to make it in real time.

3. Customer Journey Intelligence - This step is the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence and moving that technology from powering features to powering workflows. Once you understand when, where, and how to engage with a customer, you can use predictive lead scoring to optimize sales and marketing engagement. By doing this you are setting up a non-intrusive way to get feedback along the customer journey. The biggest opportunities for today's leaders are that so much time can be saved, because of the need to be in a real-time context. This means that there is much more certainty and probability for success as the brands are better to adapt to change and circumstance.
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