CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomance•Connect your website directly to BluWave database through free web service

Leads coming from your website can now be pulled through into the BluWave CRM via a Web Service that BluWave CRM provides. Your web developer can use this interface to post leads from your website directly into BluWave CRM. Your web developer can define the logic required to route leads to the relevant sales person.

These leads will then be visible to the sales person on the BluWave CRM home page. The leads tab can be used to make the first contact with the lead and if qualified, the rep can use the “Add to company list” button to transfer the lead to the company tab automatically. From the companies’ tab, the sales person can then create activities and quote the client.

•Adding leads manually

                                                                                                    You have two options

  • You can add leads to your BluWave data base by importing them as lists (.csv file) on to your BluWave system. This can be done under the system set up tab under the imports sub-tab.
  • You can enter one at a time on the system by clicking create new lead and filling in the various fields and clicking save if you are done or click save and new to add another lead.

•Analyse leads by source

Here you will be able to see where your lead came from such as someone filling in a contact us form on your website, someone who phones in or someone who saw your company’s Google AdWords advert. This will allow you to see what bring in the most leads and where you should spend most your marketing budget on.

•Target leads by location, industry, etc.

You can target various leads based on your requirements such as location, industry or company size.

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