CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceList manager is very easy to use and is not dissimilar to products like Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. Basically it is a very simple spreadsheet which allows you to list, filter and sort data according to your needs.

                                                                                  What list manager can be used for:

  • Do you use a bulk mailing provider such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact or Touch Base Pro? If so did you know that you can export your contacts from BluWave using list manager? The benefit is that you can target a very specific market niche, for example targeting not only trainers but special needs educators.
  • Another use of list manager would be to list all those companies who have not bought product A in the last three months.

  • You can also compare the sources of your leads (Google Adwords, Newsletters etc...) and see which source brings in the most leads.

If you need further help on how to use list manager, refer to your training notes or call Tarryn on (011) 462 6871 or try out our free 30 day trial

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