CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceSouth Africa is one of the most diverse and interesting countries in the world, full of amazing wildlife, wonderful people and incredible businesses. Dealing with a local business has many benefits

Benefits of having a South African CRM system Like BluWave CRM:
1.The website application loads much faster.
2.When you have a problem, you will call our local offices instead of a call center in India.
3.Support issues will be dealt with in a shorter amount of time.
4.You will be supporting the local economy.
5.Most importantly when the exchange rates sky rockets like it has,Our prices won't.
6.You will be interacting directly with the developers of the system, thereby ensuring your unique requirements are met.
7.You won't have to deal with time zone differences.
8.In the past 6 months we have replaced dozens of overseas systems, including the likes of Sales Force, Zoho, Sugar CRM, Oracle, v Tiger and insightly.
9.In a lot of cases we have a price saving of between 50% to 80% compared to our International competitors.

Recently ITWeb published an article titled "Software prices shoot up as rand falters". The highly respected journal for things Hi-Tech related proves what we've being saying all along. And that is don't fall victim to buying your CRM software from a overseas vendor. Cut out the terrible exchange rate implications of purchasing highly priced imported CRM Systems and buy a local CRM system

                                                                                         Click HERE to view the article.

If you want to buy BluWave CRM, a local CRM product, on a month to month basis you aren't locked into a fixed contract and cut you risk of ownership almost to zero. Contact us for more information

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