CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceThe top salespeople out there are skilled in time management - with only so many hours in the week, they know exactly how much time to spend on each prospect to absolutely maximize the revenue per lead.

Time blocking creates a fixed schedule.

It forces sales reps to allocate specific time periods for specific activities on their calendar. By specifically allocating blocks of time throughout the week though, you’re ensuring that these commitments are kept as appointments.

Sales reps need to time block their sales producing activities like sales calls, quote follow-ups or business development.

How reps can take back control of their schedules once and for all

With daily activities and goals come clarity: you’ve got a handful of priorities that need to get done this week. And the only way that’s going to happen is if you actually prioritize those priorities.
The simplest approach is to literally take a weekly calendar with days split out, like BluWave’s calendar, and carve out a few hours for your most important tasks.

Time blocking tips:

  • You should start the day with early phone calls to bang out important follow-up calls.
  • Don’t forget to schedule short breaks throughout the day – you need to take a breather and mentally refresh yourself every now and then – this helps with productivity.
  • Just before you head home at the end of the day you should prepare everything for the next day.

BluWave’s Cycle planner can help you time block with ease.

The BluWave CRM Cycle Planner feature allows all BluWave CRM users to create recurring activities, for e.g. cyclical telephone calls and visits for customers and prospects.
There is unlimited flexibility on the recurrence periods that can be defined. Some typical patterns that can be defined:

  • every first Monday of the month
  • every Wednesday fortnightly
  • annually on the first Monday in April
  • every second day

Now its time to get started!

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