CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceI am sure many of you are aware of the benefits a CRM system can give your organisation but in order to get the full impact of these benefits there are a few tasks you have to do:

  1. Start with the performance dashboard: This gives you a brilliant oversight to see how you are currently performing. You can see all the latest performance figures on the dashboard and it provides you with details about new leads and recent sales activity.
  2. Manage the diary: Our CRM software does all the hard work for you. Create an appointment in the CRM system and it automatically generates another appointment via your emailing program and sends an invite request to the appropriate person. Clever eh?
  3. Managing activities: Once you have completed an activity make sure you mark it as completed, it will then be moved from the To Do List to the Completed Activities panel under the respective company. 
  4. Track leads: Generate new leads and you want to pursue them through all stages from the initial enquiry through to established sales. Use the opportunity tracking feature of the BluWave software, it’ll help you to monitor sales at every stage and you can manage leads by storing all new enquiries in a database ready to process exactly as you like.
  5. Don’t be afraid to call our support team: BluWave CRM comes with free email and telephonic support so if you ever get stuck just gives us a call on (011) 462 6871 and ask for support or drop an email to If you have attended BluWave training before we offer a refresher training workshop where if you are having any troubles with our system you can come to our offices and get a more practical approach to help you with your support queries. If you would like to attend a refresher training workshop please contact Nkuli on (011) 462 6871 or email - *Please note: It is a requirement that attendees have attended the standard BluWave training in the past. The workshop is not intended to replace BluWave's standard training
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