CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceSales meetings are crucial to a sales team’s success … when done properly. But a poorly-run, disorganized meeting isn’t just inconvenient — it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

An agenda is the heartbeat of any productive sales meeting. Having a clearly defined, well-structured one will help your reps understand exactly what information they can expect to walk away from a given meeting.

For most sales teams, weekly sales meetings are a place to discuss current sales deals, targets, and projects. These items should take up the bulk of your agenda.

At BluWave we run a weekly sales meeting every Friday morning for an hour. This is what our agenda looks like: 

Wins of the week!
This is where each member of the sales team shares their win for the week. This could be from finally closing that deal to booking some many prospect meetings. We do this to start the meeting off with a bang of positivity to get everyone excited and motivated for the meeting ahead.


Motivational/Training Video
This is where we will share a motivational or sales training video with the team. Usually, we find these videos on YouTube and they are around 5 to 15 minutes long.

Motivational videos can be any inspiring video found on YouTube from your favourite motivational; speaker. Sales training videos we usually look up tips on closing sales, following, presentations, demos etc...

Some of our favourite YouTube channels are:

Stats and Metrics
In this section, we use BluWave BI our data analytics tool. We have created a custom dashboard for our sales and marketing team where we measure various important KPIs such as hot deals, new leads, calls vs appointments, calls vs closed deals etc... 

BluWave has many free ready to use BluWave BI dashboards that you could use in your sales meeting:

  • Sales Performance Index: This will measure: The number of leads and prospects added, Number of F2F actives scheduled & completed, Number and value of quotes issued & Value of sold quotes, Actuals vs Budgets.
  • Active Pipeline: Displayed as a big number and funnel chart for the whole company. It will then go on to be broken down by branch and rep displayed as a stacked bar chart as well as a table. We will also include a table of all your active deals listed from hottest to coldest.
  • Opportunities Won/Lost/ Issued: This visual display will allow managers to scroll quickly through their rep's quoting/opportunity activity.  All bar charts on this dashboard come with a drill-down so you can see exactly what deals were issued, won or lost. Quote conversion rates are also included on this dashboard
  • Source Analysis: Get a quick overview of how effective your different marketing strategies are. See which strategies are working well and bringing in sales and quickly identify areas that need to be worked on. All bar charts on this dashboard come with a drill-down so you can get a better understanding of your data.
  • Monthly & Annual Customer Activity Analysis: Visual display of calling for the current month across a salesperson’s customer base. You can rapidly see if customers have been missed.  It displays all types of activity, but you can filter on just face to face actions

Roadblocks (anything holding you back?)

Here our reps will share anything they feel is holding them back e.g. a prospect worried about the price. We will then work as a team to try and help that rep think of a strategy to close that sale

Customer/Prospect feedback, announcements, competitors
  • Customer/Prospect feedback: here we will go over any positive or negative feedback from our customers/prospects to see where we are strong and what need work.
  • Announcements: Here we will make announcements such as new features, new staff etc.…
  • Competitors: If we have learnt anything new about our competitors, we will share it with them team.
Remember Time = Money

At the end of the day, you want your salespeople focused on potential customers. Your sales meetings are a way to refocus them on what matters and help everyone stay productive. Remember that every sales rep’s time is money, and run your sales meetings with efficiency in mind.

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