CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceBy Lauren Fenthum

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Marketing automation allows companies to work smarter and achieve more desirable results. Omnichannel planning allows businesses to map out the customer journey and outlines the best direction to take in terms of creating a content marketing strategy. Below are a few tips you can use to help your business grow in the age of automated marketing.

Think Long Term. Not Short Term - Identify opportunities for improvement. Too often, businesses are focused on the small details, that they often lose sight of the bigger picture. If your business is not growing it could be due to the fact you are focusing on measuring your goals too granularly.

Be Holistic - This step encourages businesses to involve multiple channels in their marketing approach. This allows you to reach your target audience from various platforms and increases your engagement. Businesses that are more accessible and available on multiple channels are more likely to bring in more sales, and thus outdoing your competitor.

Acquisition Strategy - Make use of the 80/20 rule here. This is adopting the mindset that 20% of your customers will drive 80% of your profits. Not all your customers need to be treated as equal. Businesses often spend too much time trying to connect to a customer that will most likely not become a lead. Spending too much time on every single customer is inefficient, and effectively not adding value to your business. Focus more on hot leads, that will most likely end up in a sales conversion, thus saving you and your colleagues valuable time.

Don’t Forget About Your Existing Customers - Thinking long term, means ensuring the happiness of existing customers, as these are the golden ticket items that will contribute to the longevity and explanation of your company. Identify your high-value customers and retain them with unique offers.

Optimize Ad Experience - Personalizing content and creating emotional connections with your audience is extremely important. Generic marketing messages will not attract your customer. Get to know your customer and uncover insights and data that will help you connect to them.

Mobile - Ensure that your mobile web experience is up to standard. Customers are less likely to convert if your website is not easily accessible. The whole experience for the consumer needs to be easy and seamless. Incorporating this into your omnichannel marketing strategy ensures an increase in turn over and conversions.

Following the steps above is an easy way to help achieve your goals and to become more relevant and engaging with your customers. Let them know that you are easily accessible through a variety of channels. Ultimately, this is about adopting a different mindset and working harder to achieve better results.
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