CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceBy Lauren Fenthum

Selecting a sales team is the biggest challenge for any organisation. Failure to achieve revenue targets, manage customers and deliver top quality service is the direct result of hiring someone that is unequipped for the job. Recruiting is a commitment and the processes should be as well organised as the other systems within the company. Below are a few steps on how you can build the best sales team for your business.

Define The Ideal Profile - You need to understand who you are going to hire and why. Having a profile of your ideal candidate can heighten your chances of hiring the right person.
  • Make a list of essential salesperson characteristics.
  • Ask company leaders to make a list about what they would want.
  • Test your top sales representatives.

Think About Behavioral Types - Reviewing basic human behaviour types can be an effective way of providing additional insight into hiring effective sales representatives. Your sales team is your front line, and they are the ones most likely to come into contact with potential customers, thus it is an important factor to consider to understand how they would be dealing with your consumers. This will also help you understand how effective the applicant is when it comes to managing and solving problems, based on their personality styles.

Measure The Profile - Once you have come up with a profile, narrow it down to a few measurable characteristics and focus on key responsibility areas that drive success. E.g. specific industry experience, articulate etc.. create a measuring tool that everyone can use to determine the best fit for the role.

Refine The Profile - During the interview process, make sure that everyone involved is on the same page with using the measuring tool, and rate each candidate on how effective you think that they could be at the job.

Strive For Consistency - Systemise the process for choosing the winning candidate. Communicating an established process sends a clear message that the company has to act together in choosing who they best think can increase their sales performance.
  • Identify and document each stage in the interview process.
  • Perform personality testing on top sales-reps.
  • Distribute an outline of the interview process, including personality traits and scorecard.
The recruiting process takes a large amount of effort and time, but ensuring that everyone is onboard and sticks with the plan will lead you to the best result for your team, company and profits. A winning sales team is guaranteed to make life less stressful for any sales leader.
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