CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceIf your answer is no, then I suggest you read this article. As we all know CRM software was designed to simplify sales and streamline business processes. However, after the CRM implementation has been rolled out many system users are left scratching their heads. According to Software Advice nearly 20 percent of CRM users said learning to use this software was a "major" challenge, while around 30 percent thought it was a "moderate" challenge.

The CRM administrator is a user that manages data, boosts user adoption and provides support for all end users, from sales staff to senior management, instantly clearing up any confusion.

                                                                                 Here are a few tasks that your CRM administrator will do:

  • Motivate Users to Use the System
User adoption is very important to ensure a successful CRM execution. A CRM deployment will be a failure if users don’t want a system or don’t know how to. Did you know that according to a study done in 2013 by Merkle Group Inc CRM initiatives have a 63% fail rate due to many companies not having a proper CRM implementation as a priority? The system administrator motivates users and management teams by showing them the multiple benefits of CRM, such as:

  1. Boost sales by 30% and more (HBR study)
  2. Improved customer experience and increased accountability
  3. Efficiency and collaboration
  4.  Faster, easier sales process
  5. Reduce selling costs by 25%
  6. And much more....

  • Help Users Understand the System
If users can’t use a CRM system, it could have a negative effect on a business. The system administrator should be well trained on how to use the CRM system so that they can help users get the most out of the CRM system. A system administrator will help guide the users so that data input into the system will run smoothly. However, new users should still attend a user training course, so that they can be up and running and have a decent understanding of how the system works.

  • Administer User Roles
System administrators can setup different user roles for each user based on their position at the company. This is a security measure to Make sure users don’t change things that supposed to change.

  • They Will Work Directly with CRM Vendors
System administrators should work closely with the CRM provider. This will ensure they will become aware of any software updates or changes. At BluWave we send software updates and changes via a mailshot. If you are a BluWave system administrator and have unsubscribed from our mailing list before – please re-subscribe to our list by clicking the link below and filling in the form to ensure you never miss out on useful information.

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System admins can also relieve the pressure from sales staff by dealing with the CRM vendors to sort out any problems they are experiencing with the software.

Having a system administrator can be extremely beneficial to your company ensuring that your CRM system is always running to its full potential so that your sales staff can be more efficient and keep your customers happy. System administrators are seen as the “middlemen” between the CRM system and its users.
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