CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceBy Lauren Fenthum

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Consumer purchase behaviour changes all the time due to a rise in trends and that of social media usage. A recent survey was conducted to understand the growing changes in social media preferences and how that has influenced consumer buying behaviour. The report highlights differences discovered worldwide when focusing on buying preferences, this information can help marketers all around the world reach their desired audience and gain new prospects. Outlined below are some of the data gained from the research.

Consumers LOVE to share -  Naturally, happy customers are a core to any businesses success. Satisfied customers share positive experiences with their friends and families, increasing word-of-mouth activities. Peer-related reviews play an extremely important in the decision-making process. The study showed that happy customers share their experience with their friends on average at least once a week, giving your business free advertising as well as the potential increase in sales.

Consumers trust word of mouth - The majority of the time people find out about new products solely through speaking to their friends and family. And more recently, a considerable influence on consumer purchase behaviour can be seen through online channels for product discovery. Consumers prefer having real-life experiences from people that they know because it is more trustworthy and reliable.

Low expectations call for the need of great experiences - As friends and family are the most trusted source of information for buying, people are very likely to share their insights about products they love. This is a clear insight that ups focus on delivering a sound experience to delight the customer to ensure that their product or service is spoken about. Consumers have low expectations when it comes to customer experience, so businesses should be encouraged to blow the customer away, providing exceptional service and creating a memorable experience.

Know your target audience and where you can find them - Younger generations are 8x more likely to discover new products on social media platforms. This means it is vital that your business has some sort of online, active presence which will increase your business's chances of being discovered.

Remember that brand engagement is a crucial factor. Your website is probably going to be the first place people go to when trying to find out more about your brand. It is vital that your website is easy to navigate and always monitor that your content is up to date. Articulate the value of what your business provides and what the next step would be when engaging with a sales member and that of confirming a purchase.
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