CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomance
Use BluWave BI to mine the data in BluWave crm and BluWave Service. Your BluWave cloud stores your private marketplace data. Use BluWave BI to extract powerful information that will enable your sale & marketing management to make strategic sales & marketing decisions.

Dashboards to Manage your Sales Team

Use BluWave BI to construct custom dashboards for sales KPI’s. Sales management can view dashboards on a cell phone or a mobile device for instant access to sales team KPI’s. Drill down from the dashboards to view detailed graphs. Whether KPI’s are activity related, new business development quotas or actual billings – you can have up to the minute information.

Marketers View Real Time Campaigns

  • Marketers can watch real-time results of their marketing campaign. Leads feed into your CRM and are targeted, quoted and converted.
  • Combine your segmentation criteria including turnover and demographics to profile your best prospects so as to seek out more business from that profile.

Sales Management Forecasting

Sales management can use predictive forecasting to see expected results. Institute marketing promotions to avoid a predicted tough period.

Use Google Mapping to Study Markets

BluWave BI provides you with layered maps, enabling deep analytical insight. Effortlessly merge your spatial and regular data in a wide variety of mapping formats. Understanding the ‘where’, not just the ‘what’ and ‘when’, of your business is critical. BluWave BI supports mapping your data to street level.

Mobile Access and Publishing of Dashboards

Your BI can be accessed from a cell phone or tablet device. In addition, you can schedule reports and graphs to be automatically emailed to management.

If you would like more information on BluWave BI give us a call on (011) 462 6871  

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