CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceMost sales roles, by their very nature, involve being mobile. Existing clients need to be visited, potential ones need to be pitched to - and most of this happens away from the office. For this reason, mobile CRM systems are becoming increasingly popular because it means that your sales team doesn’t have to waste precious hours coming into the office and writing out manual reports. It also enables an easier flow of information and sharing of data within the company, that can reap huge rewards. Here are some other benefits to mobile CRM software:

1.  Real time information
Writing up reports takes time and it’s easy for salespeople to fall behind. Using a mobile CRM system lets your employees input information directly into their smartphone or tablet after their meetings, so information is more current, more detailed and more accurate.

2.  Less paperwork
No more drowning under a mountain of paperwork! Instead of wasting time on administration and filling out manual reports, being able to use your CRM system on the go means your sales team can focus on their primary role: being productive in the field.

3.  Issue quotations on the road
Get access to pricing and availability of products instantly. No more “I’ll get back to you to confirm”  or “I’ll email you at the end of the week”. Quotations on mobile CRM systems can be issued while the salesperson is on the road, which speeds up the sales cycle.

4.  Increased sales effectiveness
Because a company’s history is available at the touch of a button, mobile CRM systems mean you can view their previous purchases and account history, enabling you to have a better sales conversation. No more racking your brain to remember your previous discussions because every detail is right there – letting you have more meaningful conversations and ultimately make more sales.

5.  Remote management
Because your sales team is completing their data instantaneously, you as a manager can immediately pick up on any issues and address them right there and then via a mobile CRM system. This way, you can won’t find out at the end of the year that targets are not being met or customer retention is dropping – you’ll be aware of this early on.

6.  A wide range of devices
The following devices can be used with mobile CRM, giving you a wide range of options for yours sales team:
·  BlackBerry smartphones and tablets
·  Android phones and tablets
·  iPhones and iPads
·  Windows Phones
·  Other web-enabled mobile devices

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