CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceDurning the pandemic many companies opted to do sales presentation via the internet, even though the pandemic is "over" many companies are sticking to doing sales presentations online.

Presenting online reduces many of the cost and time barriers associated with traditional in-person presentations, while modern conferencing technology makes it possible to deliver all of the benefits.

However, customers are more likely than ever to be distracted by texting, messaging, emailing, or even online shopping.

Use these 7 tips below to give engaging online sales presentations that consistently hold people’s attention and result in more closed business.

#1 - Have A Suitable Environment

Make sure your environment is correctly set up for online sales presentations.

  • Lighting – Natural lighting is the best, if possible, have a window directly behind your computer. Otherwise, put a desk lamp/ ring light behind your computer.
  • Background – Your background should be plain and tidy. Avoid having a background with too many distractions.
  • Sound – Make sure your speakers are working clearly. Also, ensure your microphone works without any problems.
  • Webcam – Ensure you have a webcam that is clear with good video quality. 
  • Internet – Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

#2 - Make your presentation relevant.

This should go without saying. An engaging online presentation begins with understanding the potential customer and where they are in the buying process and then tailoring the content to meet their needs.

#3 - Get Them On Camera

Your reps should ask prospective clients to join them on the video conference for the presentation. When attendees know they will be visible to the presenter and others viewing the presentation, they’re less likely to tune out or multi-task.

#4 - Start off with a BANG!

Attendees will judge the value of the presentation within the first few minutes, deciding quickly whether it deserves their full attention. Make sure you start off your sales presentation with something that will grab your attendee’s attention such as a surprising statistic, a challenging question, or another form of attention-grabbing content. 

#5 - Be Enthusiastic

Nothing is more of a turn off than a sales rep doing a presentation in a bored tone of voice. Bring enthusiasm and excitement to the presentation, as well as their compassion for the pain of your potential clients. Remember - Enthusiasm sells. It also compels attention.

#6 - Use Great Visual Aids

The more parts of the attendees’ brains you can engage, the more likely they’ll pay attention—and remember the information later.

Use visual aids such as graphs, charts, relevant images, and infographics in your presentations. Don’t use too much text.

#7 - Ask Relevant Questions

Don’t be the only one talking. Engage with your attendees and ask them questions throughout the presentation, both to increase attendee alertness, and to gather valuable feedback that can be used to tailor the presentation as you go.

Also allow your attendees to ask questions during the presentation. This helps to make sure the audience is following the presentation and to gauge their level of interest.


At their core, sales presentations should be focused on providing value to the prospect or customer. Make sure to keep them engaged throughout the presentation. Don't forget to follow up after the presentation has been concluded – send that quote out in a timeless manner.
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