CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceThe moment you invest in Bluwave CRM Software you’ll be itching to use all the feature-rich functions of the system. Before you do though, read this article and find useful tips that give you advice on the way to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of the software.

  • Start with the performance dashboard: This gives you a brilliant oversight over how your sales team are doing. You can see all the latest performance figures on the dashboard and it provides you with details about new leads and recent sales activity.

  • Manage the diary: Our CRM software does all the hard work for you. Create an appointment in the CRM system and it automatically generates another appointment via your emailing program and sends an invite request to the appropriate person. Clever eh?

  • Track leads: Generate new leads and you want to pursue them through all stages from the initial enquiry through to established sales. Use the opportunity tracking feature of the Bluwave software, it’ll help you to monitor sales at every stage and you can manage leads by storing all new enquiries in a database ready to process exactly as you like.

  • Learn more about your progress: One of the other clever features of the CRM software is the ability to create push reports on demand. You can set the system up to send you regular reports on how your sales are progressing. It’s good for motivating sales team, each member can see their own performance figures and you’ll know who is flying and who needs to put in the extra effort.

  • Create a clutter-free office: Another useful feature of the Bluwave CRM Software is the ability to store marketing materials in one simple-to-access area. Just store all those brochures, product specifications and ancillary materials you might need to send out to customers in the Document Management section and at the click of a button you can send them via email and reduce the paper trail. They won’t get lost in the post because you’ll have instant notification that the emails and attached documents have arrived!

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