CRM software perfomance
CRM software perfomanceIt’s all very well buying a new software package to manage your customer relationships but once you’ve done that, you’re still only halfway there. The successful implementation of that CRM system is what will help you stay ahead of the competition - but this is not always easy to achieve. Keeping the following five tips in mind when implementing a CRM system will ensure that the software delivers what you set out to do:

1.  Select the right CRM provider

When selecting a CRM provider, it’s vital that you choose a company that will deliver the necessary support. After all, a CRM solution is only as good as the methods used to integrate it withing a company’s business processes. Make sure that the provider you choose can provide experienced and dedicated consulting staff, who will work with your team to ensure success.

2.  Establish a new culture

Getting the rest of the company on board plays a major part in successful CRM implementation. Your workforce needs to be willing to share data about customers company-wide in order to get the most out of your new system.
As a manager you should foster a culture that places the needs of the entire company ahead of individual gain. You can do this by proving to the workforce that the information they share will be used to improve operations and add new business, and that this will end up benefiting everyone. This is not a quick fix and may take time, but creating a new culture should be an essential part of your CRM implementation plan.

3.  Set realistic goals

You may get over excited about what you can achieve with your new CRM system but you need to be realistic. It’s critical that you plan any new targets carefully and that you roll out the new system in a way that suits your business and sales strategies.  You may need to employ a phasing process that helps you make incremental adjustments, manage expectations and achieve certain milestones. Above all, be patient!

4.  Get support from senior management
Support from upper management is critical when it comes to implementing a CRM system successfully. As a rule, effective CRM executions are those in which management shows the rest of the company how it’s done. Management should not sugarcoat the process or minimise the effort involved - this will set up unrealistic expectations and only lead to disappointment. Rather, as milestones are achieved, those same managers should strongly promote the benefits being enjoyed by the company.

5.  Review the working process

The task of implementing a new CRM system into the working cogs of your business is often a brilliant opportunity to assess company procedures and techniques. Review, analyse and evaluate your working procedures, as well as all the data sources that will be migrated into the CRM solution. This is the perfect time to discuss and change any systems that are not working optimally for your company.
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