Empower your staff with simple, efficient diary management

Our CRM package integrates with Outlook and most other web-based email and calendaring software such as Gmail. This means that you get holistic customer relationship management: there are no missed appointments for your sales team, no complicated merging of programmes and no time wasting when it comes to diary management

Here's how our Activity and Diary Management feature can help you:
  • When an appointment is created in BluWave CRM, a corresponding appointment is created in your default emailing program.
  • A meeting request is then generated and sent to the invitee, all in one streamlined process.
  • You can also schedule your customer and prospect follow-ups using the Activity Management function.
  • The system manages daily, weekly and monthly views of each sales person's diary, so you can see what they look like with one simple glance.
Want to know more about how you can streamline your customer relationship management? Contact us today to find out more about BluWave CRM.

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