BluWave CRM automatically geocodes (adds latitude and longitude) to each customer as the
physical address is entered. BluWave also provides geocoding services to geocode batches of
existing customers as they are uploaded to BluWave.

The Following benefits accrue from this new feature:

  • BluWave now speeds up the process of logging visit reports as the system automatically
    defects where he is currently situated and defaults to that customer.
  • Sales staff can now narrate their visits to the system and it translates their voices to a text
  • The system records the geolocation and time of each call report made as the salesperson
    travels from customer to customer.
  • BluWave automatically generates the sales person’s travel claim from the visit reports
    entered. No more burning the midnight oil to submit travel claims to the office or the
    Receiver. BluWave calculates distance travelled and works out the travel cost for each
  • The system graphs on a google map the movements of the sales team from their geo-
    located visit reports.
  • BluWave BI now makes use of the geocoded customer and prospect database to perform
    mapping of all the data in BluWave CRM and Service. For example, customers and prospects
    can be displayed on a Google map in different colours; quote values and sales revenue can
    be mapped in different colours.
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